Rosenbaum Nursery - Rosenbaum's Nursery in Chambersburg PA, is owned by a bipolar MF!

Dover, Pennsylvania 2 comments
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Scott, the owner of Rosenbaum's Nursery at 3780 Sycamore Grove Rd Chambersburg PA, 17201 (717)261-1911 is a real Mother ***!! this dude must be bi-polar. do not do business with this peice of ***!! he will *** you over again and again and again.....

scotts wife is a doll. how she can be married to such a worthless piece of *** like him is anybodys question. she need to dump his bi polar, MF *** sooner than later.

how anyone like this can operate a business is a mystery. he is a slumloard too. owns properties in Chambersburg and Gettysburg that are roach and rat infested. he doesnt care.



scott is a muther *** punk! he thinks he is still in 8th grade and can push everyone around. what a limp *** SOB!


I have had dealings with this *** too.used to rent from him.

what a mistake.

he is nucking futs!dont bother calling him - all he will do is *** on you.

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